Laugh, Learn & Live



December 12, 2011

The Closer We Get the Faster it Goes.

A few weeks ago I went to the Recreation Center to pick up my youngest of three sons, a high school sophomore, Micah after his Saturday morning basketball practice. Arriving a little early I plopped down on a bleacher to watch. One half of the gym had my sons group while the other was occupied by four boys. I was mesmerized. All four had dark hair; all had black basketball shorts and white high top tennis shoes. The boys looked strikingly similar except that two were high school age and two were third graders. Each group of two was working in their half of the half gym. From where I sat the two younger boys were in front of the older ones.  As I sat watching I was struck by the thought that only minutes ago my sons were the small ones with big dreams, looking up to those high school boys. How fast the years have flown by.

My mother-in-love, Muff always said, “Once they enter school it is a snap and they are in college, so enjoy every minute.” A concept I could hardly believe when mine were all in diapers and she first shared that thought with me. Through the years, whenever they would give me a hard time her haunting prediction would come to mind. It helped me to remember what is important and what is not.  Now that I am on the verge of an empty nest with the last of our hatchlings in high school, I marvel at how short a time we really have here on the planet. Muff is now 85 and starting to look toward home.

Over the last few years when Christmas time rolls around she comments, “It can’t be time for another one; we just celebrated Christmas a few weeks ago.”  Oh Muff has all her faculties about her; her mind is still sharper than mine (not sure that is much of a reference). It just seems to go so much faster now. Kind of like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end the faster it goes.

So enjoy every minute you have with your little darlings or your grand darlings as in a minute we will be looking toward home. My most fervent hope is that when I cross over and arrive on JESUS lap, he will say “Well done good and faithful servant.” My hope is that I will have represented Him well, and made each of my short minutes here on the planet count.


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