Happy New Year 2012

Every year, when the New Year rolls around, I find myself thinking about where I am in the world. Have I met my goals for the year? Am I where I want to be emotionally, spiritually, financially etc. Some years I find myself in a better place than others.

One year everyone was thinking about that, and a host of other things, was 1999. Remember the Y2K nonsense that was all the buzz back then? Everyone was so worried about what they should do to prepare.

Over dinner at a friend’s house, we were discussing it and planning our New Year’s Bash. Our group of friends, on my lead, hired a band and a venue and was planning the biggest New Year’s Party on record. We charged every family $100. The plan was to dance the night away. We provided food, childcare, family photos everything. The place was gorgeous after the decorating.

We figured if it really was the end of it all when the clock rolled over to midnight we would go out arm in arm singing hymns at the stroke of 12. So at midnight we sang Amazing Grace…all the verses and oddly enough everyone was still there when the song was done. No big apocalyptic anything. So we hoisted a cheer and kissed our spouses.

But before it all happened we were at that dinner talking about what we might do to prepare. Our friend John quipped,

“I think we will just fill our bathtubs with water and go to the party.”

“Ewww, would you drink water out of your bathtub?” I asked.

He said, “Don’t laugh, if our water went out for more than a day or two you would be begging me for a straw to sip out of my tub, I guarantee it.”

Everyone hooted with laughter (and filled our tubs before leaving to the party).

All the hype started me pondering. Did you know that most of the things we worry about never happen? We waste all that energy and time thinking about, pining about, and fretting about things that never materialize. So, I’m thinking this year with all the hype about 2012 being the end I will just sit back and have a toast to 2012.

I might however fill my tub before we go out. :0) After all, a boy scout is prepared and we have several in our house.

Hope you have a Blessed 2o12! One where you can rely totally on the LORD for all that concerns you today. He is able to handle it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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