Keeps us humble!

Parenting…it really does keep me on my knees…which is a very good place to be!
Ok. So here is a not so funny antidote about living our lives out before everyone...I failed the other day.

My two sons were in the living room wrestling…if you have boys you may know the drill. The dog barking furiously to help… It always starts out fun, wrestling around on the living room floor, then someone gets their arm bent the wrong way or head bonked on the couch too hard and it turns into WWIII.
Maybe not at your house but almost always at ours.  :0(

I was in the kitchen, trying to make dinner and 1000 other things at the same time. I had asked them to stop several times and when they didn’t, I got angry. Instead of doing the mature thing and going in there to make them stop I proceeded to yell at the top of my lungs about obeying.
At that same moment our dear pastor appeared at our door to pick up his jugs of Kangen water and obviously heard the rucus. He stuck his head in the open screen door and said, “Hey Matthew, get off your brother and help me with these jugs will you?” 
Mortified would be an understatement. Well, having kids has done a wonderful thing for me…it keeps me humble. :0)
May GOD bless you today!

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