Liz is an author, artist, encourager, mentor, teacher & popular speaker. However, her most important job is as mother to her three boys and being a support to her husband, Appellate Court Judge, Dave Furman.
The author of two books and many more in


the works she teaches at the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference each May. Writing is like the balm in Gilead for Liz. When she is not working on a book she is journaling and writing articles. Her humor articles can be seen in The Christian Pulse Online Magazine starting December 19, 2011.


Liz is an artist. She did the artwork for her first book. She also paints windows for the Holidays and makes wedding and specialty cakes. Her favorite medium is watercolor and colored pencil. Liz often jokes that she has to take lots of pictures of her art since most of it is edible (cakes) and erasable (Christmas windows).


Liz is a mentor and teacher. She teaches at MOPs groups and is the facilitator of a Bible Study spanning over a decade. Her teaching experience over the years includes TCBS (Community Bible Study for Teens) and a MOPs Mother’s Bible Study. Liz is also a classroom teacher licensed to teach K-6the grade. She currently is substituting K-12 in Jefferson County Schools in Colorado.

Liz is a popular women’s speaker for retreats, banquets, teas, seminars, MOPs, conferences, holiday events, luncheons, couples gatherings, teen and tween groups . Her desire is to encourage women to Laugh, Listen and Live peaceful lives of victory. (Laugh together, Listen to GOD’s plan and Live victoriously.) Before every event Liz speaks at she and her prayer warrior team, are in fervent prayer that every word exiting her mouth comes straight from the throne of grace. She would be honored to speak at your next gathering.

Liz’s role as wife and mother is her highest calling. Even though many a day she feels like she has not excelled at this one. A lot of her fodder for her humorous speaking and writing comes from her daily foibles in this area of life. Like many women parenting (especially now that her children are teens and young adults) and being a spouse are her greatest source of joy, and frustration. It is in this arena that Liz is most thankful for GOD’s ever present grace and help in times of trouble. Praise the LORD for GRACE!

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