Life is Short

On Friday we attended the funeral of a new friend. He came to our church a little over a year ago, and we had the pleasure of being in a Small Group Study of The Prodigal GOD (an excellent book by the way) with he and his wife for several lessons a few weeks before his passing. He was by all accounts in excellent health, and only 63 years young.

On Easter Sunday we had a house full of friends and family. Soon after we finished dinner our pastor received the call that this dear man had passed. We all joined together at that moment and prayed for his family. It was the oddest thing; he seemed so healthy and alive. He was in the service that morning thrilled that his whole family was with them for Easter. His wife told me he was beaming all day, so happy to be all together. And then…gone.

The whole week before the service I couldn’t get out of my head how minuscule our life here on the planet really is. We go along acting as if we have endless days and time to do all the things we want and feel called to do. But it is not so. Even if we live to a ripe old age, it’s not enough time. I want to resolve to live as if I had only a week left all the time. Because you never know.

At the funeral several of his former pastors, who had traveled far to be there, got up and shared what an impact this dear one had on them, their lives and ministries. One shared that on the property behind his home there are wooded acres. In the middle is a clearing and in the middle of that clearing is an enormous old oak tree. An ancient tree over 6 feet in girth and huge, with limbs stretching for a long ways.  The canopy rises above the other trees and gives much shade. It is a strong, deep rooted tree that has stood the test of many storms.

He said that is how he saw Dave, the same deep rooted, strength that comes when one has trusted his Savior for all. Storms had come and gone and he only grew in his faith and wisdom. Wow! To be a canopy for others, to be strong and deep rooted and to point all we meet to the Savior who has everything under control. I was moved, and sad that I had only known Dave for such a short time.

Let us resolve to know JESUS more; to trust Him more and to point all we meet to the One who has all under His control. In the easy times and in those weak moments of dark, earthly distress and discomfort I want to point all I meet to my JESUS, the lover of our souls.