Toes Up!


I am sooo loving the book Fervent by Priscilla Shirer! And here is why…

After being so sick this winter that I had to quit my job, thus bringing in no income to defray the winter bills for the motel. I felt like I failed.

So fatigued from this mystery illness that has twice had me in the ER. Add to that what seems like a million tests ($$$), and still no definitive answers. Which quite frankly was making me feel a bit like a hypochondriac. I attended more doctors’ appointments in the last months than in the 10 years previously combined.

I spent money we couldn’t afford to go to Mexico to finally get my teeth, and the last implant fell out minutes before my new dentures were to go in. 😞 I came home with no new teeth and no money.  (I took Tetracycline as a child A LOT because I was allergic to Penicillin and had persistent strep, so all my teeth had to come out).

I didn’t even complete any home fix up projects (we are so behind on those) or set up my new studio to paint or write the book I am so excited to write…on and on it goes.

Because of the stress of not producing, I was not even feeling rested and ready to pick up where I left off. In fact, I was feeling a bit (okay a lot) like a failure.

I have been praying A LOT. Begging for wisdom, asking God to show me what He wants me to do and how to handle EVERYTHING.

In the wake of this HARD, SNOWY, DARK WINTER this is what I learned:


God is our provider, not Liz or even Dave. We have seen His hand of provision in miraculous ways this winter. Ways that even a non-believer in my best friend Jesus would have a hard time writing off as a coincidence. I could tell you stories!

A long time ago, a dear wise friend, (Janice York) cautioned me to slow down. She said if we don’t take time to rest and seek His wisdom for what He would have us do; He has a way of getting our attention by getting us “Toes Up” for a while.

So here I have been, TOES UP this long, bleak winter seeking Him for what He would have me do.

I am hopeful:

that this coming season at the motel I will work smarter not harder;

that He will send good help to aid me in my quest to achieve this goal;

that I will remember to put my relationship with Him first, before any tasks I may “need” to do;

that He will send the business we need to be successful this year, so that we can even more than usual, reward our employees as they deserve for their hard work;

that Dave and I will be wise in all, and that we will be together in every decision;

that we will make All the guests that comes to the Inn feel the love of Christ through each of us;

that my love for Jesus will shine through to every person I meet, both in Dubois, and to each of our guests and friends;

that my hope in Him will be revealed at every opportunity, to all I meet.

Usually, my to do list for the motel season is chocked full of tasks, and we of course have those too, we have to “run the business”. But this year my focus is a bit different.

This year, I want my witness to be of someone who Loves Jesus unashamedly, boldly, with the evidence of this relationship to be that of a changed life, one that honors Him and everyone I am honored to “make s’mores around the campfire with”.

How about you? What are your goals for this upcoming summer? I entreat you to take the advice of my friend Janice (and virtual friend Priscilla Shirer) to seek Him first so you can learn from my mistakes and avoid a TOES UP episode. 😉


From Fervent by Priscilla Shirer Page 141


This is the Year!


Happy New Year!

On New Year’s Eve, I woke with a start after having an intense dream, whose details have departed my consciousness. For the first time in months, maybe even a couple years, I felt excited for the New Year. I couldn’t say why exactly, I don’t remember the dream I just had this incredible feeling that 2013 was the year that will start a revival in our country.
The very next morning, New Year’s Day, I woke again from a powerful dream so vivid I was sure I would remember the details, but I can’t. All I remember, or know, is that 2013 will start a revival in our country and that it is going to get darker before we see it happen. I was so excited as I believed I would have a part in it somehow.
The last few years I have resided in the valley of wait and sometimes despair. Now I see how God was working but at the time, I was frustrated, sad and upset at the circumstances. Kids heading off to college in faraway lands, elections that disappoint, personal and family issues abounding. We were under attack.
Another example, a few years ago, because of my Bible Study pals at Mardel I wrote a Bible Study about Trusting GOD for us to use. The research and writing of it changed my life. I knew once and for all that GOD is trustworthy. That he is in control, and everything He does or allows has a purpose. I believed I trusted Him completely. Several groups that used the study loved it and reported back to me that I should definitely get it published. I presented it at CCWC and several editors took it saying they liked the format and content. None has rejected or contracted it yet. Wait.
By several miraculous events too numerous to detail today, I was invited and provided the resources to go to the Christian Communicator’s Conference fall 2010. The week changed my whole outlook. Taught by remarkable ladies and attended by amazing women who became sisters that week, I came away from South Carolina convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am to be a speaker and writer for Him and His glory. I believe I am to teach woman about the trustworthiness of our amazing SAVIOR and my best friend JESUS. When I returned I did everything I learned. I started this blog, redid my website, created a “one sheet”, marketed my speaking topics to several hundred churches in our area and several other activities they suggested. Yet, save a very few speaking engagements…the valley of wait.
Then there was the melancholy, family strife and seemingly unending attacks on us by satan and his minions over the past year.
So on New Year’s Day when I was given this vision of revival I felt compelled to get myself on the radio and tell everyone who would listen that we as believers need to do everything we can to become solid in our faith. So solid that nothing will be able to shake us. We need to be ready, so that when the light dims, His light will shine brightly through us. We need to solidify our trust in a SAVIOR so amazing that we can be a vehicle He uses to propel our country into the next great awakening!
Then to all who will hear. Get Ready. Get Solid, Rock Solid. Let’s stand on the ROCK and be ready to stand firm no matter how dark it gets!
Happy New Year 2013