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When Women Wonder If They Can

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Dawn Wilson asked me to be a guest on her blog; Upgrade with Dawn. Here is the link to the article that resulted from that invitation.

If you have ever wondered if you can do something God has called you to do, this ones for you!



What I didn’t have time to log in her interview was how many times we failed at so many things before we succeeded. We were several years in the red, endless improvements that I didn’t know how to fix had us so discouraged at times. But what we learned is that perseverance pays off.

We were determined to make it work. Author Andy Andrews said that a person who doesn’t have a decided heart finds a way out when the going gets tough but a person who has a decided heart finds a way where there is no way.

So the thing that really matters is that we never give up!


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We leave at dark thirty in the morning tomorrow to Dubois to open the motel, the thought of it makes me excited…and tired. We WILL perservere, will you?


Over Committed and Exhausted.

Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest! ~JESUS

Did you ever feel like you are running on a tread mill with no end in sight? Nothing really accomplished for all your effort? I think sometimes we get ourselves so busy we can’t possibly think anything else.

Sometimes our over commitments are by our own making…saying yes to more things than there are hours in a day to complete. I am famous for this one. My sister once gave me a book for Christmas with the title: Learning How to Say NO. But sometimes it is the product of circumstances. In the last month, I have had four people who are very dear to me in the hospital, three of them all at once.  In either scenario, whether by your own doing or the circumstances, the result can be the same. Feeling like you are pulled in half or maybe fourths or maybe even tenths.

I am learning after many years of tread milling that even when we didn’t choose the ride, we can survive it. Jesus said come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+11:28&version=NIV  I have found that if I really come to Him and lay it at his feet, I can have peace in my heart even if my body is racing from hospital to hospital and phone update to phone update. Sometimes I remember and do it and sometimes I run in a million directions for a while before the HOLY SPIRIT taps me on the shoulder and reminds me that there is a safe harbor, a peaceful refuge for my weary heart.

I am looking forward to the day when I will automatically come to Him first and lay it at his feet before mine are even in the starting blocks for the day.

Today I am praying for you the peace that passes understanding, the ability to turn to Him and the desire to be in His lap more than anything else you desire.