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On this eve of Election Day 2012 in our great land, I beseech you to turn out and vote. Vote your values. Vote for those you think most closely share yours. Even if you think neither of the candidates match your values, then choose the ones that most closely do.

My dear husband pointed out that if GOD’s word clearly states things He values, like life and honesty, and it clearly does, then will we followers of Christ be held accountable to Him for shirking our responsibility in holding our leaders to the Biblical values we were founded on? Sobering thought.

I don’t want to stand before my Best Friend Jesus and say, “Sorry I didn’t stand up for You. I was too tired or too lazy or too anything.”

As we head to the polls, please pray for our country, pray that we will honor GOD in all we do and all we say. I am praying for a revival that rivals any the USA have ever seen. Join me?